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Grapes for sale per 23 liter pails

Since 1997, my first vintage on my 3 acre farm, I have proudly sold to the Ontario amateur wine makers. Today I continue to sell into the amateur wine makers with the highest possible quality grapes. These grapes will be grown at approximately 3 tonnes per acre for reds depending on the variety, and for whites 3.5 to 4 tonnes. All sales are on a first come first serve basis and orders start in late June.

The fruit is processed in state of the art equipment, with all sub quality fruit sorted either in the field or on sorting conveyors prior to processing. Reds are not crushed but whole berry destemmed, while whites are settled and racked off sediment for clean juice ready to ferment.
Ice wine juices and late harvest of Riesling is also available with a minimum order required starting at half an acre. Small quantity orders will be on a year to year basis.For past quality customers no cash deposit is required, while for new customers a 50% deposit is required until we get to know each other better.

Varieties available:

Cabernet Sauvignon $4.50/L must
Cabernet Franc $4.25/L must
Merlot $4.50/L must
Pinot Noir $4.50/L must
Riesling $3.70/L juice
Chardonnay $3.70/L juice
Sauvignon Blanc $3.70/L juice
Vidal $3.25/L juice
Annual White Blend $3.25/L juice